Williams & Heintz Map is First FAA Approved Print Provider

Williams & Heintz is excited to announce that we are now an FAA Approved Print Porovider  VFR and EnRoute Charts.  We are looking forward to working with all of FAA’s current Chart Agents.

Williams & Heintz Map is excited to announce that we are now an FAA Approved Print Provider of VFR and EnRoute Charts. We are looking forward to working with all of FAA’s current Chart Agents.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Aeronautical Information Services (AJV-5), is transitioning to an Available on Demand (AOD) model for all aeronautical charts and related products. In other words, the printing and distribution of all paper products will be met from FAA Approved Print Providers in the near future.

More information about Williams & Heintz Map Corp. becoming the first  FAA Approved Print Provider will be coming soon.

About hollybudd

I grew up on the Chesapeake Bay. I have a BS in Environmental Studies from Cook College, Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. I returned to school for a MBA from Trinity DC. I am the president/CEO of Williams & Heintz Map Corporation, the family printing company that was started by my great grandfather.

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  1. I have been told I was sent a link for a contract as a current FAA Chart Agent. I have not received this link. I need to be sure 9th transition from FAA to you is a smooth one without interrupted servive. My phone is 480-235-5414 or 623-869-6973. I would like to sign a contract asap. Thank you. Ann Schmitz

  2. Hi. Holly. Contract signed and returned via scan email last week. I also sent an email to Mark with an informal (per Mark) email order for the upcoming sectionals, terminal areas, and low enroute. It is a fairly large order. I have not received confirmation that either was received and would really like a confirmation. Thank you. Ann Schmitz, cell 480-235-5414. Westwind Aviation, 623-869-6973.

  3. Andrea D. Kesseler

    Hello, I am a current FAA Chart Agent, Account # 1072021, and would like to set up an account with Williams & Heintz to continue receiving our maps. We are a Terminal Air Traffic District with 34 different shipping addresses (Air Traffic Facilities) spread out over 4 states (WA, OR, ID & MT). Each shipping address has their own unique requirements for maps. I manage this for the district. I would prefer to continue as we have with the FAA and maintain Standing Orders for all facilities on our account. Is this possible? What are the Shipping & Handling charges? What is your preferred method of payment? Is it possible to set up my account in advance and start it with the Jan 5, 2017 cycle (Nov 11 – Dec 1)? Any information you can provide would be appreciated. Thank you

  4. Hi Andrea,
    There will be a conference call with FAA personnel in Thursday, Oct 20, to discuss transitioning internal FAA customers. When the plan is finalized, we will be informing everyone.

  5. Hi,
    I note the FAA says you are an approved print provider. OK, then, how do I order, say, a sectional chart from you?

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