Happy International Print Day 2017!

October 18, 2017 is International Print Day. I am happy to celebrate my love of print with you! This year’s theme, is the User Experience.

Printed maps provide a great User Experience!

The spatial awareness you get from the big picture of a large printed map, combined with the ability to crunch down into the details with your computer or mobile phone, when used together, gives you the best of both worlds for the best User Experience!

Here’s a quick video with just a few of the maps we have printed in the last few months. Enjoy. #IPD17 #PrintUX




About hollybudd

I grew up on the Chesapeake Bay. I have a BS in Environmental Studies from Cook College, Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. I returned to school for a MBA from Trinity DC. I am the president/CEO of Williams & Heintz Map Corporation, the family printing company that was started by my great grandfather.

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  1. So cool to read about the company. It’s an excellent way to reduce staples and binding to make a useful program.

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