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Dave Imus, The Essential Geography of the United States of America printed at Williams & Heintz

Dave Imus, The Essential Geography of the United States of America printed at Williams & Heintz

The other day I got onto the internet and it was really exciting to see a customer, Dave Imus, and one of his maps that we print, featured in Slate Magazine.  The Greatest Paper Map of the United States You’ll Ever See Made by one guy in Oregon.

I am pleased to see author Seth Stevenson’s appreciation of the artistry, time, and skill that went into the creation of Dave’s map, “The Essential Geography of the United States of America”

It is also always good to see someone extolling the virtues of a large format paper map.

As a map printer, I find that Dave Imus is a joy to work for.  With his work comes a passion for maps and cartography that is rarely equaled.  This passion is equally matched by his design skills, expertise and experience in creating truly unique cartographic products.  When discussing upcoming projects with him you’re not just a consultant with an opinion, you become part of his design team.  You just don’t commit to his projects, you “sign on” as it were.

Jobs like this are a huge benefit to a map printing operation such as Williams & Heintz.  Our personnel are skilled in their craft, but to maintain an exceptional level of skill they must constantly be challenged by unique and demanding jobs.  We go out of our way to court such work for this very reason.  These types of jobs are necessary to help us keep our edge on.  An endless supply of easy jobs with lowered expectations will ultimately result in sloppy work becoming the norm.  Further, a map that looks fantastic when it’s done imbues our staff with a sense of pride.  That sense of accomplishment is also critical to maintaining a high quality environment.  When you are constantly presented with examples of what something should be like, it’s a lot harder, emotionally, to let something go that isn’t quite there.

Thank you Dave.

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