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Williams & Heintz Map Corp. Introduces Map App to Add Value and Function to Print

Williams & Heintz Map App Screen Shot of the Chesapeake Bay

Williams & Heintz Map App Screen Shot of the Chesapeake Bay is Chart 5 in the printed Maryland Cruising Guide

I prefer my maps on paper because I like to see the big picture.

But when you want to use your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch for navigation, information collection, and sharing geographic information and knowledge, Williams & Heintz Map Corp. is working to make your maps available on-line with the Avenza Geospatial PDF Map App for iOS.   The PDF Maps App is a geospatial PDF, GeoPDF® and GeoTIFF reader for your Apple iOS devices to easily download, browse and interact with maps.

We are pleased to be adding this mobile mapping solution so that now you can use a map that you really like on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.  Because:

  • Streaming services don’t work when there is no internet connection, like when you are cruising down the bay, hiking or traveling in remote unconnected areas.
  • Services that rely on a bandwidth connection may have expensive data roaming charges when you are outside of your home data area.
  • Google Maps, and other streaming free services, aren’t designed for specific purposes like hiking, boating and visiting national parks.

Printed paper maps will always be part of  mapping.  Electronic devices are not replacing printed products; they complement each other, and make each more effective.  By offering this mobile option, we are increasing the value of the printed maps.

Our first map, Maryland Cruising Guide Chart 5 Sandy Point to Tilghman’s Island is now available in the Avenza Map Store.  The app has functionality for locating (via GPS), measuring, plotting points, importing and exporting points.  This spatially referenced map shows exactly where you are. And with the paper chart, you know where you’re going.

The Avenza Map App is FREE, and for a limited time, our first chart is too!

It is easy to get your free App and Chart in 2 easy steps:

  1. Install the FREE App Avenza PDF Maps, available in the iPhone App Store
  2. Open the app and search Maryland Cruising Guide Chart 5 Sandy Point to Tilghman’s Island

Please try it out. I would love your feedback on our new beta map.  This nautical chart is also available for print on demand, on wet strength paper, and in large print.  For more information, or to purchase a printed copy of the Maryland Cruising Guide, visit the Williams & Heintz  Cruising Guide Website.

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