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Maps in the Classroom – Zombies on the Map

Do you have your map for the Zombie Apocalypse?

I’ve been seeing a lot of conversations about maps lately.   I like to hear about Maps in the News.   Should I be surprised that so many people seem the think that the only kind of map there is, is a road map, and that they have no use for them?

Maps are used for more than just getting from one point to another.  They are a tool to share information.  That is why I like to read about Maps in the ClassroomDisastermapping ‘s blog  has some good ideas for using maps for a variety of subjects.

“Are you looking for ways to share information on music, history, science, the arts, or many other disciplines in new ways?  Are you looking for a way to “connect the dots” to present material to your students?  Are you in a profession where information silos are prevalent and you’re looking for opportunities to explore and integrate previously disconnected resources?”

The blogger even has even collected information on Mapping the Zombie Apocalypse!  How is that for using maps to engage students?

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