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Costa Concordia

Isola Giglio

My sister took this picture when she visited Italy is April 2011. Isola Giglio, where the Costa Concordia wrecked, is the island furthest away, on the right.

Costa Concordia.   I have been obsessively following this tragedy in the news, from the ups and downs of the numbers of people missing and dead, to the speculation of the causes:

Uncharted rocks

Equipment malfunction

Human error

Electrical failure

So far, it looks like the accident was caused by ego and carelessness.  Regardless of high technology, or backup charts, the human factor always poses a potential risk.

I was rooting for equipment malfunction.  I was hoping that my post this week would be about the value of having a backup navigation system, of having, and knowing how to use  charts, in the event that your electronics fail, of the importance of keeping your charts up to date.

I stand by the usefulness of printed maps and charts. I figure I shall go ahead and say this now, in hope that another accident does not come along to prove my point.

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