Williams & Heintz Map Drops the “S”

Williams & Heintz Map Corporation announced it was removing the seemingly superfluous “s” from its name, thereby becoming “William Heintz Map”. It admitted that it had long been fighting a “losing battle” against people who didn’t understand why the extra ‘s’ was there, and it had finally decided to “give up”. The ampersand was also removed because so many people thought that the company was just named after the past President, William Heintz.

The map printer acquired its name when they moved to 8119 Central Ave. in Capitol Heights, Maryland and incorporated on July 1, 1959 as Williams & Heintz Map Corporation. However, evidence suggested that Mr Williams left the business sometime in the 1940s. The current owners if this family business are are 4th generation and never met Mr. Williams.

Much of this article was shamelessly copied from an earlier article.

  • In 1921, the Williams-Webb Company, Inc. was incorporated in Washington, D. C. The Corporation’s main office was located  at 1702-1704 “F” Street, N. W.
  • The Williams-Webb Co. Inc. Changed its name to Williams & Heintz Co. Inc. in 1927.
  • From 1930 to 1958: W & H located at 220 Eye St., NE, Washington D.C., near Union Station.
  • The company changed its name to the Williams & Heintz Lithographic Corporation in 1951.
  • Williams & Heintz Lithographic Corp. built the current operating facility in Maryland and moved into it in 1958.
  • Williams & Heintz Lithographic Corp. was disbanded in Washington D. C., and incorporated in Maryland on July 1, 1959 as Williams & Heintz Map Corporation.




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I grew up on the Chesapeake Bay. I have a BS in Environmental Studies from Cook College, Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. I returned to school for a MBA from Trinity DC. I am the president/CEO of Williams & Heintz Map Corporation, the family printing company that was started by my great grandfather.

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